Care & Use

Food Safety

All items intended for food service and storage are finished in glazes that I know to be chemically durable and food-safe. If an item is not intended for food, it will be specified in the item description.


Handwashing is generally recommended to extend the life of your pot. Though the dishwasher will do no immediate damage, dishwasher detergents can be harsh and degrade finishes over the long term. Please also avoid putting your ceramics in a freezer or hot oven, as temperature shock can cause cracking.

Unglazed Surfaces

Even well-fired clay remains ever so slightly porous, so avoid bringing oils, brightly colored sauces, and other things that may stain into contact with unglazed surfaces. Please also avoid leaving unglazed surfaces soaking in water for long.

Cutlery Marks

Metal cutlery may mark glaze surfaces, especially matte ones. This is simply because metal is softer than ceramic and is not a glaze flaw. These metal marks can be removed with a mild abrasive – baking soda, for example – and a scrub.